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Demon Spawn Survivor

Demon Spawn Survivor is a 2D twin stick shooter arena survivor game. With several characters to and weapon to choose from. Your task is to stop souls from escaping Hel!

  • Play right in your browser
  • Keyboard and mouse / touchscreen control supported
  • No download required
  • Mint Badge NFT to gain access to new characters and weapons
[nft commission]


Give your Bean a giant armored mech. Turn your bean into a Megabean. A commission collection where I create a mech based on your Bean’s traits.

[nft collection]

Foundation 1/1

1/1 arts minted and listed on Foundation. Including derivative works and contest entries. Some are animated.

[nft collection]

Demon spawn (og)

The original collection of Demon Spawn. Unique non-generative demon girls pfp. Minted on OpenSea shared contract on Polygon chain.

[nft collection]

Art gobblers pages

Drawn using the Art Gobblers drawing tool and glaminated to pages through their ecosystem.

[nft collection]

Murdur Duck

A smol collection of pixelated murdurous ducks and their eggs. Originally minted using editions and burn mechanics to evolve and hatch the eggs.

[nft collection]

Reign of thoughts

Edition works minted using Manifold. ERC-1155.